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OBJET + story

object → objet ← art


zero-contact era

VR∙AR + live art

Objet Seoul is a metaverse platform for artists, launched in June 2021. It is a total art platform where you can experience the secret private world of art creation through artists' objets, open studios, and immersive digital galleries. Here, you can vividly appreciate the artist's creative process and their lifestyle anytime, anywhere.


The artist objet is an “objet as a medium containing aesthetic interpretation” that mediates art and life. Objet Seoul, a metaverse platform where people interact with living, breathing objects that generate fantasy, creates a new culture [Exhibition Model - Contents - Network] of [Art x Technology].


Objet Seoul, where the public and the art sympathize together, shows the "artists' ecosystem" in three dimensions. This ecosystem grows with networks and collaborations of emerging ideas, ventures, artists, planners, and cultural and artistic groups, like a gigantic forest boasting its great biodiversity. The future of art, our vision for art in the future will broaden the horizon of art and life, making them deeper and more vibrant.

The curious world of artist

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