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ATELIER – mapping

Like Mars in space which physically exists but cannot be reached, a city of artists is built in the DMZ. An actual galleries, museums, and ateliers will be created as metaverse platform. Objet Seoul, where the virtual and the real meet, is a meta-universe where various artists come together to form a unique art ecosystem with great species diversity and openness. A mesmerizing world of abundance is created by the organization of an environment where appreciation of lifestyle and residential spread where ateliers are getting built, centering on the cultural pivot point planted in a huge terrain.



Show by the artists who have newly set up an atelier in Objet Seoul will be held for two months. Click the moving symbol on the map to explore the VR atelier. Objets planted throughout the artists' private world bring fantasy into our daily lives with very special stories and aesthetic interpretations.


Create your own art space in the DMZ, a treasure trove of peace and ecological environment.


Objet Seoul's starting point

3. green & amenity.jpg

Green & Amenity


Relishing art and lifestyle

1. community & culture.jpg
2. house & atlier.jpg

Community & Culture


Objet Seoul's central point where various events are happening

House & Atelier


The artist's private world and a place where people and objets interact

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